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NOTHING DISTURBS unless you think that it disturbs. For example, I will tell you that many things have disturbed humanity because there was a certain concept that they disturb. When the concept changes, the things remain the same but they don't disturb. For example, MASTURBATION DISTURBED THE WHOLE WORLD. Just half century before, the whole world was disturbed by masturbation. Every teacher, every father, every mother was disturbed, and every child was disturbed. And still in the larger, ignorant world, the disturbance remains.

And then physiologists and psychologists discovered that MASTURBATION CANNOT DISTURB ANYONE; it is natural, and nothing is wrong with it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it; but the old teaching was that if you become mad, it is because of masturbation. If you are not getting higher ranks into education, it is because of masturbation. If you are ill, it is because of masturbation. Everything was forced down, reduced to masturbation.

And more or less every child was doing it; EVERY BOY WAS DOING IT, so every boy was afraid. He was doing it, and he was afraid that now he was going to be mad, inferior, crazy, eccentric, ill, and his life would be wasted. But he couldn't resist; he had to do it. AND THESE IDEAS ENTERED INTO THE MIND AND HAD EFFECTS. They affected many; and many went mad, many remained inferior, many remained stupid because of it; and it has no relationship at all.

Modern science, MODERN RESEARCH SAYS THAT RATHER IT IS HEALTHY. Medical science says that it is good because a boy at the age of thirteen or fourteen, or a girl at the age of twelve or thirteen, becomes sexually mature. If nature were allowed, they would have to get married immediately. They are ready to reproduce; but civilization, of necessity, forces that they will have to remain unmarried for ten years at least, or even more.

But medicine says that fourteen to twenty, these six years, are the most sexually potent. A boy is never so potent again as he is then. The energy is bubbling up; the whole body is ready to burst into sex. But the society says no, the energy should not be allowed to move. However, the energy is moving, and the child cannot do anything; AND WHATSOEVER HE IS GOING TO DO WILL HAVE EFFECTS because of the philosophy around him. He will feel he is doing something wrong, he will feel guilt; and that guilt will follow like a shadow. And many diseases will happen because of the idea, not because of the act.

MEDICINE SAYS THAT IT IS HEALTHY -- because he is relieved of unnecessary energy. That unnecessary energy would create problems otherwise, so it is healthy. Now, particularly in America, England and other Western developed countries who know much more about physiology, MASTURBATION IS BEING PROPAGATED. Now there are films on how to masturbate to show to the children, and every teacher will be teaching sooner or later how to masturbate rightly. And they say it is healthy, and now those who think it is healthy feel very healthy about it.

I don't think it is either -- it is neither healthy nor unhealthy. THE IDEA IS THE THING. If it is healthy and the concept is spread, it will become healthy. Now in the West they say not only that masturbation never affected anyone's intelligence adversely, but that the better the intelligence, the more masturbation will be there. SO A BOY WHO IS MASTURBATING MORE WILL BE OF HIGHER I.Q. than the boy who is not masturbating. And they have reasons for saying this -- because even for a boy to discover masturbation is a sign of intelligence – because he is finding out a way!

The society has closed the door for marriage, and the nature is forcing the energy. The intelligent one will find out a way, and the non-intelligent one will just be blocked; he will not be able to find the way. And now the studies show that THOSE BOYS WHO MASTURBATE ARE MORE INTELLIGENT. If this idea is spread -- and it is bound to be there -- sooner or later the whole world will be having this idea. Then masturbation will be healthy, and you will feel a well-being from it.

NOW EVERY PARENT IS AFRAID, because the parent knows what he did when he was young. When his boy comes to the same age, he becomes afraid and he starts looking around at what the boy is doing. He is afraid, and if he catches the boy he will punish him. But the new knowledge says don't punish the boy -- no! Rather, teach him. AND IF HE IS NOT MASTURBATING, then go to the doctor and find out what is wrong. If this knowledge becomes well spread, then this will happen.

But both are suggestions. BOTH are suggestions! AND WHEN SOME BOY MASTURBATES, HE IS VERY SUGGESTIVE IN THAT MOMENT -- because when sexual energy is being released, he becomes vulnerable, open, flexible; and his mind is silent. Any idea put in at that moment will have its effects -- so IF you tell him, "You are going to be ill because of it," he will feel ill. If you tell him, "You are going to be healthy because of it," he will become healthy. If you say to him, "You will be stupid for your whole life if you do this," he will remain a dunce. If you say, "Now this is a good sign of intelligence, " he may develop a higher I.Q. You are simply suggesting something to him in a very vulnerable moment. Whatsoever you think starts happening.

Vigyan Bhairav Tantra
Vol 2, Ch #4: Tantra's secrets of love and liberation
pm in Bombay, India


  1. I'm not sure why you think America is teaching children to do such with videos. What?! The act is considered private, but natural unless it intersects with daily life and functioning normally. If someone catches their kid in the act in mainstream America, they probably appear shocked and just leave. It's like walking in on someone in the bathroom or shower. You just don't look upon their nakedness. That is much more shameful than a person touching themself in their private room.

  2. Well your teachings are not spiritual as you want childern to maturbate this will make them more weak and also will make them more sex loving

    1. I don't believe it is correct for you to tell somebody that they're not spiritual just because you don't agree with their beliefs.

  3. well osho did say that ejaculation is a wastage of energy in his book.

  4. Yes he says that ejaculation is a wastage of energy because when you ejaculate you are finished. You can release this energy through other purpose. Just like when you get angry with someone close, rather than beating him you throw some objects on the ground or kick the doors with your leg. That is how you release your energy produced by your anger by throwing objects or by kicking doors.I think you could understand very well what i am trying to say..

  5. though as a Whole the Concept is True..
    tht Osho Ji SaiD tht its actually Nothing...
    things exist...
    e1 if u turn weak..
    it Does mean u r Not conscious Of the Energy part..
    and as soon as U feel weak..
    u becum conscious Of ur energy of the Body..
    u r Conscious..
    So On the Whole i m Saying
    ya...It Is Wastage Of Energy
    when it Comes to Body...
    But On the Whole..
    In spirituall Path ..
    It Is Still Nothing...
    If it has Happened Naturally..(Tho it cannot happen i think so...
    it alwys happens as u ve maintained trigerring the Sexual-attraction volition thru all of the senses..)
    the thing is ..
    If u r conscious ..
    the energy can be Used Consciously..
    in Sum odr creation...
    like the energy thts thrown out of anger
    can be used to understand anger
    and its explosiveness can be understood
    and the body can learn it to use it
    into Learning the habit of spotaneity..
    the Basic element of the Yin side of the Yin-Yang...!!

  6. There's no other teacher in the world better than Osho. He is absolutely right. Why the hell should u feel guilt about masturbating? Do you feel guilt doing sex to produce a child? Sexual urge is also an energy and needs to be released. Parents who find their kids masturbating and are disgusted by it are still immature. Only when the sexual urge, the energy is at its peak in u, do you realise how desperate you are. Then you just want to remove it somehow, its human nature. At least your kid is not raping anybody! He's doing it alone! Parents, GROW UP!! Help ur kid in the right way, dont hate him. Keep ur "morality" aside and turn to "science".

  7. osho is a message to world...

  8. Oh god ! Why the hell was I unaware of Osho those days. So depressing it was. :P

  9. Great article.Thanks to Osho. Salute to Osho

  10. No matter how much i read about Osho, i am not sure about this.
    But i am nit against masterbation but not supportive of masterbation.
    I do it myself out of necessity. But i am not sure of truth.
    We should not blidnly believe one whether he is OSHO or SWAMI vivekananda

  11. This whole article seems to be written for people that are absolute idiots (I know Osho likes this word).

    I like that comparison of masturbation to anger.
    Because it is precisely similar thing.

    It is an ego, ego of lust, that takes over yourself, having the best intentions you can think of. It is healthy, it is pleasures and relaxing etc.

    But the truth is much deeper than simple statement "oh, it is just suggestion", isn't it?

    It is not you, but something inside of you, that wants you to go and have sex, to masturbate, or it comes in other twisted forms like fetish, sadomasochism etc.
    Is a suggestion really the whole point?
    Can one make a suggestion that being slapped, which makes one feel good for no obvious reason, is making him healthy while his skin is bleeding?

    I got too far from masturbation, but it all has its same roots: sexual desires.
    Doesn't it?

    If you can't help it, masturbate and be aware of all the feelings you get afterwards.
    Ever noticed, that once you masturbate you want to masturbate again a little while after? That when you masturbate and then again, again, yet you still might feel the need even though your body is exhausted???
    There are discussion groups, where people deal with problems of masturbation several times daily, feeling tired, people that are addicted to porn... can they all fix this by making a positive suggestion?

    It's like eating nothing, but burgers in McDonalds and thinking you are getting healthier every day... good luck with that.

    If it's so positive and loving... why monks don't use their concentration to use this "gift" of masturbation with deep intentions of being more loving and spiritually evolved? :D

    Isn't that because our perception of reality does subject to some rules of astral plane we live in, unless one is spiritually developed on as high level of Jesus who could walk on water?

    === And do you think such a person would then base his behavior upon a sexual desire like masturbation?? ===

    Anyone reading this article is ready to think of all the aspects that are behind this thing and should think of it.

    I understand the easiness of point of view that OSHO states here, that says... if you can't help it, at least don't feel bad about it...

    But if you are not an idiot, you should begin your own thought process.

  12. I used to go to McDonalds every day thinking it is healthy, I was lovin' the food, I knew it was not good, but I thought it is about suggestion, so I prayed before each meal and really enjoyed every bite. 3 months later I went to my dentist and she said: your teeth don't look good and have tinged spots, do you drink coffee? I said: no, but I have coke like everyday. She look suprised my teeth are not even in worse condition. Seeing her face was so powerful to me, that I stopped going to McDonalds although I kept liking the taste of the food when I imagined it.
    It is now 2 years later and I have no taste for McDonalds, I perceive it to be heavy and unhealthy food.
    I think it is about the shift of energetical levels, so that when you move higher, you unconsciously recognize the lower vibrations and don't want/desire it.

    Masturbation/sex is different, because the impacts it has on your body take shape in long term, after which it is very difficult to undo. I read that hair boldness or prostate problems are some cause of mismanaged sexual energy.

    Realizing that the act makes you exhausted or that the desire gets fulfilled only temporarily are very weak points in opposition to all the pleasures you get.
    Also deciding not to masturbate brings all kinds of justifying thoughts like: If it feels good, it must be good. I really need it, maybe my body needs it and anyway medical research says it is healthy to masturbate once a week! You might even think that you should masturbate so you can make deeper introspection of what impacts it has on your body!
    It makes so much sense, that it is really easy to fail.

    Dreams can also make things worse, because you can wake up full of desire and in asleep like state let that desire to take over you (just as anger does). Never let dreams to take over your feelings, they are a gift, because you can see actions of your egos, which might be hidden to you during day. Dreams need to be analyzed first.

    PROMISE YOURSELF you will use this energy for its real purpose = to share love with other person. NOT to create erotic images in your head in order to arouse yourself and then let go all this energy and die for a little while in forgeting who you are... lower minds made this to become never fulfilling desire that is causing diseases like AIDS.

    All this said I still wonder why all the porn actors look so healthy.. so happy, enjoying everything. Maybe this is the power of suggestion, or maybe because what they do is in accordance to the energetical level they are.

    What I do know is that staying in sex desires is a permanent struggle for short term fulfillment. It is up to individual to decide whether he is ready to leave it or not.

  13. So, I got woken up today by a dream of sex desire, managed to stay calm, but the thoughts remained and they were getting stronger for last few days. I couldn't force them to be silent anymore, so I prayed for help. I meditated and saw the desire, I said: i want you to leave now, and I won't say it twice. It laughed and said: you want me here. I felt it was true. It wasn't something that possessed me, but something I unconsciously wanted. I couldn't fight it nor think of a strong reason for it do disappear. So, after a month I now masturbated upon the most loving porn I found. The masturbation itself was suprisingly meaningless, but I did felt love of that couple. The need or desire has gone as it was fulfilled completely, and my mind was left silent. I felt empty. I imagined myself being a light to protect myself in this weak moment as OSHO described it.
    I realized I should have asked "Why do I want that desire?", because I might saw what it was hiding. My miserable life.
    It's time to make another desire, this time conscious one and more benefical.

    PS: the dream I had was about sexy women touching me, but not looking at me. I explained it as desire is blind, but I should have realized "desire makes one blind".

  14. Osho : First, suppressed sex has more interest than expressed sex can ever have. The interest is not direct -- it is indirect, it is vicarious, it is cunning; the interest is there, immensely there. If your sex life is normal, unrepressed, uninhibited, the interest cannot be so much, because you will have a kind of satisfaction, a contentment.

    It is like when you have taken your food, you forget about food. But if you fast, then you continuously think about food. Fast one day and then go to the market, and you will see only hotels, restaurants, food stores, and you will smell only food smells coming from everywhere. And you had been to this place before many times. It had never happened like that.

    Repression cannot free you from interest. The repressed person becomes more interested in sex than anybody else. Maybe he shows antagonism, that's possible, but antagonism is interest. That's why your so-called religious scriptures are full of antagonism towards sex, condemnation. Your so-called MAHATMAS go on cursing sex. That simply shows their interest, nothing else. They are still haunted by it. They may be sitting in their caves in the Himalayas, but they are condemning sex. Why?

    It is deep inside them, in their very guts, they are fighting with it. Their condemnation is a way of their fighting with it: they condemn it so that they can remain on top of it. If you don't condemn for even a single day, they start feeling afraid that the real thing from inside may surface, may throw away them and their control and their saintlihood and their holiness.

  15. Now what to do..all that I can do is to regret only..bcoz It's too late ..I m 31 years old ruined ..feel very confidence at all ..only possibility is sucide that I feel everyday..but I can't do it too..may b help is more peaceful than my life..

  16. Osho revealed the Truth....!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Osho is right, n i think more correct than most of people around. when i was 14, i have read lines like "celibacy till 25 years of age" in Asaram bapu booklet or "dont mastrubate" dont talk to girls, dont even look at them, no love no gf, okay fine. i tried my best that i can ever do to not look at girls , but i started masturbating cuz boys usually talk bout it, like girls, i did n at the same time tried to stop it. a battle begin with in .n being a shy boy it was tough for me.
    i became weak, fail in academic, was a good i can blame it all it to masturbation? to an extent its right, it was out of controle, i have a bent penis too..n have ayurvedic medicines now cuz i gona get married so..
    but i still think Osho is right , cuz the ayruvedic doc also says that its not harmful, dont do it, but if u doing it , just take seriously..its happy .dont feel guilty or feel u become weak..
    now..i think its better to not do it ( which is tough regarding nowdays enviroment. media, movies. girls in tight jeans big boobs etc),,but i think there is a normal healthier masturbation and unhealthy masturbation n depends on mind..he is right, a boy is much more sensitive at the time of masturbation rather being i think if i wouldhave taken it easy without any guilt n more information , i wd have masturbated pretty less rather than what i did. its all bout false belifs...i think no guy gona jerk three times a day if he know he have to do it tommorow too..its jut like this is last n then i will never do it
    the urge to stop it actually make me do it more,,cuz it made me guilty, stressed and frustated

  18. Ya osho is totally correct....i am 17 years old and i masturbate almost 2 times a day with the suggestion that nothing will happen..really nothing happened up to my knowing...i heard an another interesting story also...

    A boy wanted to siuicide himself and he tried it with a most peculiar idea.He started masturbation.Along with small intervals he masturbated 8 times a day.once he had reached the peak and nothing was there to waste.instead his death nothing happened and for his astonishment he was totally healthy except small tiredness for a while...i think all of you understand this in a correct way...

  19. Osho is frank n people always hide dis is d difference between them and him wherever you are osho rajneesh uu wil b very hapy bcoz ur readers n followers wish for uu loadzz as uu have given dem loadzz★★